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Check out Episode #222 of The ETX Rocks Show, which features a full interview along with acoustic performances of "Fire and Flames" and "Message to Reverend Otwell".  Click the video to watch, and here to learn more about The ETX Rocks Show!

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Nacogdoches: Life Done Well

When discussing the origin of East Texas band, The Rust, there are two versions told by fronting members Ryan Davis and Stacey Steger. 

Davis, an East Texas native guitarist and vocalist, says the band began when Ryan and Stacey met during separate projects and decided to create a new band together.  Along with Adam Lamar and Thomas Elam, they formed The Rust in 2015...

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ETX Music
"Getting The Rust Out"
"We’re a roots rock band, really, but we’ll get comparisons ranging from Robert Johnson to The Civil Wars to Nirvana on the heavy stuff. There are certainly heavy blues influences, and a heavy folk/singer-songwriter nature to what we do. I spent my early to mid 20’s playing in Austin, and somehow wound up running with the blues circle..."

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What I Cause

“The song ‘Undone’ is incredible. His voice gives me chills; you can hear the pain in his words and tone. This isn't some "emo" affectation designed by a record label to market to the legions of dispossessed youth hanging out at Hot Topic. This is real. I love how there is an extended pause between the plaintitive starkness of the verses before the drums kick in for the chorus. I got the same feeling upon hearing this that I did the first time I heard ‘Heart Shaped Box’ by Nirvana. Phenomenal.”

-Sol Leistner, Music Coordinator, CBS, Manhattan, NY

"A musical wave that grabs the listener by the throat... Ryan Paul Davis definitely understands the art of songwriting."  
     -Rootstime, Belgium          
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"Complicated textures... moody soundscape... Each listen offers something new to notice and pay attention to."
     -The Daily Sentinel, Nacogdoches, TX          
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Soul's Tide

"Loaded with ideas, sounds and different melodies... be ready to be moved by this renowned songwriter."

-Rootstime, Belgium          
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Articles, Quotes, and More

"Davis is one of Nac's most revered singer-songwriters... (He) always packs a crowd..." 
     -Lufkin Daily News
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"Davis is a great moody, dark singer whose songs create a unique atmosphere and draw you in from the beginning... One of my favorite local musicians... He doesn't disappoint."
     -Steven Alford, Lufkin Daily News
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With Xavier Gil (drums) and Stacy McCann (bass guitar)